Impressions, 2001 Impressions, 2001

A monochrome surface presents itself to the beholder. Gestures caught and transfixed in plaster emerge out of the surface of the ‘image’ as a reference to the artist’s physical reality. The movement of hand and foot shapes itself out of the image plane into the space, indentations and projections combining to create the topography of the surface. The viewer is challenged to change and rethink their position. Different points of view leave behind different impressions. The homogeneous surface is transformed into a multi-dimensional amorphous spatial sculpture.

Instruments, 2006/2013 Instruments, 2006/2013

The use of brightly coloured plasticine extremities of the human body moulded from memory – essentially instruments of tactile and auditory perception – illustrate their flexibility of form, which behaves in the same way as potential changes of the now shape-defining gestures.

Possibilities, 2009/2010 Possibilities, 2009/2010

In the works entitled Possibilities architectural elements such as windows and stairs are inserted as black-and-white perspectives into exhibition spaces which, as a result of the juxtaposition of the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, are then explored in terms of their utopian quality.

Zig Zag, 2010 Zig Zag, 2010

Different positioning and rotations are used to transform a chair into two-dimensional architectural abstract symbols that suggest an illusionary space on the surface of the exhibition wall, without revealing any precise ratios and distances.

Planets, 2011 Planets, 2011

With the plaster removed from the wall and the boundaries with the existing wall surface contoured accordingly, planetary structures are uncovered that transpose outer space as a motif into the interior space, spanning an associative arc from macrocosm to microcosm.

Ping Pong, 2011 Ping Pong, 2011

The trajectory of a ping pong ball is the starting point for this work created on the outside wall of the Werner Schlager Academy (Multiversum, Schwechat) along the path leading to Schwechat railway station.