Absencen Absencen

Beatrix Bakondy
Published by Beatrix Bakondy, Christian Knechtl
480 pages, german/engl
De Gruyter
ISBN 978-3-11-043890-1

Absencen [ Absences] comprehensively documents the artistic works of Beatrix Bakondy. Her oeuvre is defined by the continual exploration of space and its constituent parameters. The probing, surveying and sounding out of spatial  coordinates, be it at the architectural, political or social level, is expressed
in drawings, objects, photographs, videos, and large-scale interventions. The relationship between body and space, the subjective nature of spatial perception, and the associated time aspect all combine to form the tableau of her works. Beatrix Bakondy’s oeuvre is accompanied and commented by essays by 23 artists, curators, art historians, authors, and others, in both German and English.