I Myself, 2002/2003 I Myself, 2002/2003

For the video entitled I Myself the artist filmed herself shaking her head under a strobe light. The footage was then animated into a whirling, circling figure, in part superimposed and constantly accelerating. The impression of a still image occurs whenever the speed reaches its maximum velocity.

Blue Zoom, 2002 Blue Zoom, 2002

The pivotal element of the Blue Zoom stage projection was a circle constantly changing in size that evoked dance-like responses, moving towards the source of the projection in slow motion. As an interaction it mirrored the origins of the projection and the physical movement into the space by virtual means.

Leftover, 2002 Leftover, 2002

The starting point for the Leftover light projection was a line which, depending on the spatial movement described by the solo dancer’s gestures, fluidly morphed into a plane, an arc and a bar, causing the stage space to change along with the spatial movement of the dance.

Space Travel, 2005 Space Travel, 2005

Siebensternplatz in Vienna’s 7th District was first photographed from different perspectives; digital editing was then used to assemble the different angles into a fictional spatial image. A slow panning shot injected movement into the assembled space. A projection surface was then set up on the square itself. The new perspective in, and into, the urban space emerged from the background to take centre stage in people’s perception. Movement is thus introduced into the workaday reality experienced by passers-by, the artificial view serving to broaden the view with which they are normally all too familiar.

Keyframe, 2004 Keyframe, 2004

For this work photographs were assembled into a video with a simulated camera tracking. Gradually the space-related photographic viewpoints are cinematically laid open to reveal fragile disembodied paper reliefs installed along the wall; concurrently, the assembled images serve to disguise the irreconcilability of different perspectives in tactile reality. This allows the fictitious space created as a result to be experienced cinematically.

Atelier, 2008 Atelier, 2008

In the video work Atelier the artist photographed the rooms of her former studio as a motif for beginning and end. The beginning, i.e. moving into the studio, is recorded by the video in which photographs are compiled to create a new cinematic space. The montage of photographs of the rooms featuring bare walls, rubble and construction site tools and implements such as a ladder creates a strange spatiality that appears both irritating and subtly fragmented.

Mirror Strobl Mirror Strobl

The Mirror Strobl video explores the theme of ‘resistance during the Nazi era’ and the divergence between inner and outer perception. Photographs taken along a partisan trail during a hike in the Salzkammergut region cross-fade in the shadow cast by the hiker with images shot simultaneously from a different perspective.